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13 February 2015


 February 13, 2015
Student house in Worcester
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This week is Cold Homes Week and Energize Worcester has gained some insight from experts in Worcester on what makes a warmer home.

They told us that the insulation of the house is decided by the architect or the building control.

The clients’ needs and the environment is definitely a big priority for them.

We learnt that there are several ways to check whether the house is built to ensure it is of the utmost warmth for you and your student life.


You know you’re living in a warmer student home when…


1) Your windows are double glazed and sealed properly

Double glazed sealed window

Double glazing is a blessing to your household and your protector of the home saving you from losing heat.

You don’t want the freezing outside temperatures of winter to creep in, do you? Of course not. Make sure windows are sealed as it can save heat and make your bills cheaper.


2) Your boiler is relatively new

Boiler in student house

An old boiler is unreliable because you don’t want it breaking down in the winter. Can you imagine… No hot showers, no hot water whilst washing up, no warmth in the house. We have enough to worry about!


3) Your radiators have thermostatic valves

Thermostatic valve radiator

With thermostatic valves on radiators, you could adjust the heat in the room by simply turning the thermostat body.

Put the lowest temperature setting on in the room when it is unused to get rid of the chill without wasting energy.


4) Your loft is insulated

Worcester loft insulation

Heat rises – Just like your bills, if you don’t insulate it! A massive quarter of heat will disappear through the roof. If you know 100% you’re loft insulated, you’ll save so much on the bills in your accommodation.

5) Your walls are insulated

Worcester student house walls

For those of us that don’t have laser eye-vision, we cannot see through walls – Therefore ask your landlord if the wall is insulated with either a false wall (if your house is old), or an insulated plastic wall.


We hope this advice will help you make a careful choice when you are looking for a house, to decrease your bills and increase your comfort.

If you don’t have some of those things and are already situated in a house – Don’t panic!

We would recommend you talk to your landlord and enquire about one of our energy advocates to visit your home to advise you on what to do.

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