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13 February 2015


 February 13, 2015
Energy stall
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Here are some animal memes to convey Energize Worcester’s contribution to Go Green Week.


Curious cat in worcester

Well Sandy, Go Green Week is a week jam-packed week with fun and informative activities designed to provoke awareness and encourages students (the future generation) to help fight the climate crisis schools, colleges and universities. The campaign is run by People & Planet.

Curious bird in worcester

You are green, Perky, but we’re talking about being green in the ‘environmentally-friendly’ fashion, but you’ll be even greener – with envy – when you hear about the amount of money you’ll save by following a few tips from Energize Worcester.

sad dog in worcester

Aww Billy, we know at university it could be educationally, financially and socially stressful at times. Just relax Billy! Help is on the way. We’ll show you, and many others about various ways you could save lots of money.

focused hawk in worcester

Too right Derek! Keep watching, we’re not joking or fibbing about the money that’ll simply fly away. A house last year in Worcester saved £700 from our energy-saving guide. Are you blown away yet? Divided by four housemates, that’s £175 each.

hot dog in worcester

 Unfortunately, for poor Wilma here, she’s complaining because the heat is too hot, yet doesn’t want to turn the heat down because she’s scared it would turn too cold. We would recommend her to turn the thermostat to about 18-21°C.

cozy koala in worcester

We’re so glad to hear that Cody! We just hope Wilma can follow in your tiny little footsteps. Just by turning down your thermostat by 1°C, you could have an extra £60 a year. We’ll let him rest.

snug pug in worcester

Arthur, AKA Mr. Snug Pug, is going to the extreme! This is one snug pug thug. He’s also Mr. Converative when it comes to his money, so he decided to wrap up warm by putting on layers, instead of having the heat on full blast. Respect!

cheeky monkey in worcester

Don’t worry Tracy, their loss… Loss of £60! If you were a wise one like Tracy, and washed your clothes at 30°C, you’ll have a £60 bonus each year. With the thermostat and washing temperature dropping, it would already save an impressive £120. Quit gossiping Tracy and start spreading the word of Energize Worcester. Thanks.

cold horse in worcester

Boris, sounds like your door needs a bit of draft proofing, just buy a draft excluder or shove some clothes underneath the door. You wouldn’t guess what else happens Boris… That’s right, you also keep an additional £50 each year. So what’s the total altogether Boris? Not £120.50 Boris… But £170 so far!

shy cat in worcester

Barnaby, you’re not alone. We know that students need a hand with saving money and temperature settings because many students suffer in silence and we’re here to give advice. You probably saw us in one of our many stalls throughout Go Green Week…

stall at university of worcester

We were promoting ourselves and making sure more students know about what they can do to save cash. Students got the chance to register for a free visit from fully-trained student energy advocates and they can help you out on ways to reduce energy wastage.

funny fish in worcester

Why would there be a catch Philip? It’s for free. No harassment, later payment, or anything. Just Energy Advocates helping you and the environment. Once you learn the tips, you’ll be hooked!

singing birds in worcester

The energy advocates are really friendly, and being students themselves mean they know the struggles of student life and wouldn’t beat around the bush. They’d also encourage you to register to Energize Worcester and enter your meter readings each month. How? They will also show you where the meter readings are, how to read them and how to enter them online. Being in the first ten people to enter readings each month could win you a free tub of famous branded ice cream, or a meal deal at the Students’ Union.

king meerkat in worcester

Oh Leeroy, you’re so dramatic! We are indeed here to save the world, but we are here also for the students. A lot of students have learned so much about being energy-efficient and that’s a skill not only for uni, but for life.



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