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30 September 2014


 September 30, 2014
Energy Advocate Peter Mochalski
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Peter Mochalski, now a second year Forensic Science student, explains how his experiences as Energy Advocate helped him find a lovely student home

Before coming to University I had the easy life, as the vast majority of us do. Wake up. Go college. Get homework. Go home. Don’t do the homework. Have dinner cooked for you. Eat. Shower. TV. Internet. Sleep in a warm home. Repeat. The biggest worry was what to wear on Saturday night when you went out.

Now we’re here at the University of Worcester and have to learn life skills which will help us become the independent and educated individuals we all strive to become.

At the end of first year one of the decisions that must be made is where we will live for the next academic year. This is a choice that should be taken seriously as this ‘house’ we choose, will become our ‘home’. Therefore we ought to make sure we ask all the right questions, and look for the right things when going for viewings!

Step forward Energize Worcester.

By joining up as an energy advocate for the campaign I learnt many valuable lessons, which I put to good use when hunting for our next abode.

Upon arrival to a viewing the individual giving us the tour seemed very pleasant, with a smile that made you forget all your worries. There were lots of ‘Oooohs’ and ‘Aaaahs’ as my friends stared in awe at all the rooms and facilities. However the more questions I asked, the more the guide seemed to get irritated, but I didn’t hold back.

“Are those single glazed windows I see?”

“There doesn’t seem to be good ventilation in this room”

“Is this attic room insulated?”

To be quiet frank I was persistent, as you ought to be. Remember to ask the right questions! You are paying these individuals YOUR money and therefore expect an adequate place to live in.

Lack of heating, insulation and ventilation could result in damp, which then results in moss growing in your room! Trust me, I’ve seen cases where this has actually happened whilst working with the Energize Worcester team.

Next thing you know, due to the landlord not providing the right environment, YOUR deposit is taken away!

With the property I currently live in I did raise the right questions, and as good landlords will do, the problems were solved. I now live in a warm and cosy house. A major bonus by asking for new double glazed windows and insulation is that our house is in fact more energy efficient! This means we are not only saving money on our bills, but also saving the already damaged environment from unnecessary harm.

I have written this to let you all know that the Energize Worcester project is ideal to learn from. Things like reading bills and meters, to keep track of how much you are using, to learning about different types of damp are essential to life. So think about you and your future and get involved, you’ll be surprised as to how much you can achieve by learning from us!

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