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Who can register? If you are a student studying at the University of Worcester  – simply register to take part. How to win prizes:

  1. Register below. Simply click the button below to registerAll registered participants will receive a ‘Devine’ Chocolate bar and a thermocard (to be collected from SU office).
  2. Input your first meter reading in the App.  The first 10 participants to input their meter reading each month will receive a voucher (collect from SU office) to collect either a meal deal or a tub of Ben & Jerry’s from the SU shop.
  3. Input your meter reading every month and you could win a £100 cash prize! The Student/Household who has saved the most energy by the end of term wins the cash!

Our Challenge

  1. 1,000 students to reduce 10% of their energy consumption in one year;
  2. equates to £36,000 collected savings on fuel;
  3. equates to 135 tonnes of CO2.

How it works You just login each month (we’ll remind you when) and give us your meter reading (we’ll explain how you do this); You will be given access to a “Energy Monitoring” dashboard where you can monitor your monthly energy usage! You can also enter details about your property to help us work with landlords to improve the energy efficiency of your accommodation for future students’. Why Register? The University of Worcester Students’ Union has won funding from the National Union of Students’ (NUS) to implement a 2 year project to increase energy awareness and support energy saving habits and poor energy efficiency in some private student accommodation. The project will be piloted at the University of Worcester, then (if successful) rolled out to universities nationally. The Climate Change Act 2008 have set a target to reduce the UK’s carbon emissions by 80% of the 1990’s CO2 level by the year of 2050. In the UK, we spend between £20 and £30 Billion pounds each year to import energy from other countries (Department of Climate and Energy Change 2013), which the consumer pays heavily for. This project is about supporting students to lead urgent behaviour change through the development of a campaign which supports the planet, the economy – and students’ pockets – both now and in the future.