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12 June 2014


 June 12, 2014
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Category: Landlords

Leading by example

Landlords and tenants are working together to improve or implement energy saving habits. The key ingredient for this operation is energy usage data. Data can be obtained by taking regular meter readings; from these meter readings – trends and patterns can be identified and strategies to save energy can be devised. With data available to both the tenants and the landlords, information about saving energy can be shared . Establishing an energy consumption baseline can also provide a goal to work towards.

Landlords are in a role of authority and can encourage tenants to participate in energy saving habits. Landlords also have the opportunity to lead by example and to encourage tenants who practice good energy saving habits.

In addition the implementation of a tenant based energy-conservation competition might be a catalyst to spark energy saving habits among the tenants within a household. The duration of this activity should be kept short to maintain the motivation. The engagement on energy sustainability might very well improve landlord and tenant relationships. This positive interaction will provide an incentive for tenants to stay and also may improve the overall building performance.

Please visit the following EPA report to read more on this topic:



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