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18 February 2015


 February 18, 2015
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During Cold Home Week (6 Feb-9 Feb) Chris and I wanted to find out how much students know about how to keep their homes warm. It was good to ask how you stay warm and manage your energy.  Like other posts i’m going to answer some of the questions and help you stay informed.

How do you stay warm in your home ?

This one is pretty easy I think as students it is more than expectable to wear a onesie/pj’s all day. Its completely normal so you might as well embrace it, there is also the small things in life hot chocolate, tea or coffee, they are always a winter winner along with a blanket/duvet.

Does your home have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) ?

Speaking to students no one really knew what this was which is understandable, its a certificate that shows how well your home retains heat and were your home could improve. This is an example below but you can also look online for more information and you can contact your landlord to get a hold of yours.


What temperature is your thermostat set at? 

A lot of people mentioned that your heating was on a timer. What I would advice is go and check what temperature its at. By turning your thermostat down by 1 degree you could save £65 a year and you won’t even feel the difference. The recommended temperature is normally between 18 and 21 degrees.

Is your home cold, damp or suffering from condensation ? 

When you are looking for a student house,  before you sign a contract make sure you look for a few key things. They may not seem important now or at the time but you will feel the difference, I know I’ve experienced a warm and freezing student house.

– Check if the windows are double glazed

– What bills are included in your rent

– Ask the students who lived in the house before questions about how cold or warm the house is.

Or if you are living in a a cold, damp home at the minute, make sure you are heating it properly. It might cost a little bit more through the winter months but damp and mould can cause illness and prolonged colds.

Are you struggling to pay high energy bills ? 

If you are struggling to pay high energy bills look on our website and scroll down to ‘6 top tip that could save you money.’

What temperature do you set your washing machine at ?

I think Persil explain this very well, you don’t always need your washing machine on a high setting like 60 oC because sometimes it actually does them more damage.  The website explains it a lot better, so have a look here.

I’ve tried to cover pretty much everything, but if you have any questions just comment and I will get back to you ASAP.  Remember if you do need help there are Energy Advocates who are more than happy to come to your home, give you advice and help in any ways they could.

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