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17 January 2014


 January 17, 2014
Category: News, Top Tips


only boil as much as you need

Don’t overfill the kettle. We all love a brew in winter, but if you only boil the right amount of water each time you needed it, it would be ready in no time.

switch-off lights and appliances

Switch off lights and appliances. It’s simple, just switch them off when not needed, you will find how easy it is and you could save loads.


Put lid on it. Put a lid on your saucepan – it  not only cooks your food quicker, but also could save  energy by up to 90%


Put a layer on, not the heating. When days just start to get chilli, perhaps put on a jumper instead of turning on the heating right away. A jumper would easily add 3 degrees warmer to your body without any additional cost. Or, you could simply do a bit exercise to keep you fit and warm!


Open your windows more. When you are not using your bedroom, or when you are cooking, try to open your window as much as you can. It could easily reduce the amount of moisture within your house, hence reduce damp and condensation.


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